ADNC Progress Update – Dev Blog #1

Here is a quick recap of what we’re working on. For a visual overview please see our video. For a written overview see the text below.

New Features

Graphics Rework

The biggest update we have to share is a completely reworked art style. We were originally building our levels at mixed pixel sizes (1, 4 and 10 increments). We decided to make everything 4px increments for performance reasons primarily.


Coal now supports a basic combo system that we can tweak and customize on the fly. We built out the input detection similar to fighting games like Mortal Kombat. This should give us a flexible combo platform moving forward. As the combat still requires a massive amount of tuning.

Collectible Plants

We finished a simple collection system that allows players to gather plants from the environment. You’ll be able to use these in-game to craft ¬†potions.


All NPCs and enemies now pull from a reusable set of AI commands. We can make them wander, pursue characters, and change behavior on the fly. Our next step for AI is to integrate pathfinding so characters can navigate around the world on their own.

Next Steps

We’re currently finishing up the core game mechanics (shopping and experience), building out our user interface, and working on the first dungeon. When the first dungeon is done we’ll hopefully be far enough along to release info to people on testing.

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