ADNC Dev Blog: Early Playable Level

We’ve been working hard on tons of new mechanics to get our game into a playable state. See the video below for a sneak peak at an early playable level.

New Features

Rough Early Gameplay

We encourage you the check out the above video which demos our new features through the first couple minutes of gameplay. We haven’t had too much time to tune things, but we’re happy with what we have.

Gravity Based Pathfinding

AI is now capable of following basic paths. If you’re interested in the technical side of how we did this, check out this gravity based pathfinding demo we created. Next step will be making companions follow and defend you. We also have some really cool debugging utilities for pathfinding that we might share a video on (if people are interested).

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.25.53 AM

Menu System

Because of memory complications for mobile, controller support, and our bizarre UI needs. We’ve rolled a custom menu API from scratch.


Controller Support

Almost any controller you plug into your computer (XBox, PS, ect) will work with a A Dragon Named Coal. Our first two priorities for input are controllers and mouse / keyboard. We’re keeping touch in mind, but that will be implemented later with the mobile version of A Dragon Named Coal.

New Tile Sets

We have a couple new tilesets not seen in the video. House ruins, vanity house pieces (tables, book shelves, ect), a dungeon, and several other tile sheets are done. While not in the game yet, these will be viewable in the initial demo.


Next Steps

We’re approaching the coming month with an ambitious mindset to finish a minimal implementation of all game mechanics. That and have about several minutes of finely tuned gameplay. Here is a quick overview of what we’re hoping for.

  • Additional menus (questing, skills, ect)
  • Dedicated A Dragon Named Coal website
  • Massive rework on Coal’s animations and abilities
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Completion of first map area
  • Experience / skill system
  • New tilesheets and characters

A quick sketch of an early NPC we’ll be adding into the demo soon.


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