The Journey Towards A Demo: Progress Update #3

There has been a great deal of changes made to A Dragon Named Coal since our last update. Most notably the migration from Unity 4.5 to 4.6, providing us with several new and exciting tools that will allow us to release the demo!


Staff Changes

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Luis Augusto, Christopher Davis, Zoe Patrick, and Greg Nicolett to our team! Luis is a talented sound designer and engineer that will be helping us make our game sound as great as it plays! Chris joins us as a writer and will be helping with the development of characters, dialogue, and storyline! Zoe has been helping us with pixel art and environments. And lastly Greg is an amazing hollywood level composer who is writing our music and theme song.

Technical Progress

Ash, our programmer in chief, puts in hour after hour just making sure this game runs smoothly underneath all the pixels. Here are some of the things that we want to show off since our last update!

Artificial Intelligence

We have been hard at work tooling and reworking the behavior trees of our antagonist characters. It is our goal to create fluid and functional AI that does not treat the player like a child, while still maintaining a sense of realism within their actions.

Lighting Mechanics

As you can see, we have been very busy revamping and expanding the features that will give A Dragon Named Coal environmental ambience. Additionally, we have decided to give our world a dynamic day/night cycle to give our world a sense of life.

Artistic Progress

Our amazing artist Rachel has been burning the midnight oil with her latest pieces for A Dragon Named Coal. Each one of them is their own special treat for the eye!

Concept Art


Here we see Coal, resplendent and perched and holding Soulless. He’s clearly ready to kick some Scavenger butt! We’re hoping to share more concept art in this creative direction for all companions and antagonists going forward.


Speaking of Scavengers, here we see a few examples of the animations that have been added to the game recently.




Here you can see that we’re looking to give our players several ways of dispatching the enemies each with hilariously fun and detailed death animations. So please enjoy the wonderfully pixelated gore!

Pixel Art

Finally, we’d like to share some stills from A Dragon Named Coal that show off how much further we have progressed in our artistic design.


Thank you for keeping up with our game! We look forward to delivering more and more content with each update! Please remember to sign up for the beta to be notified as soon as our demo hits the Internet!

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