Meet the Team: Zoe Patrick


Zoe Patrick

Role: Artist

Favorite Games: Quest for Glory series, Skyrim, Portal series, Monkey Island 1&2, Shadow of the Colossus

Who is she?
Zoe Patrick is a tea-chugging podcast-aholic who enjoys sketching, cooking, and smothering her two, ridiculous cats with affection. She graduated with a bachelors in Fine Arts, and a minor in East-Asian studies from UC Santa Cruz.

How did we meet her?
Zoe met Ash and Rachel at a Bay Area game networking event in 2014. They later reconnected online, and she began assisting Rachel with art assets soon after.

Her work
DOS games were Zoe’s bread and butter growing up. Her love especially for the art style of Sierra and Lucas Arts games inspired her to make her own pixel art later in life.

Zoe Patrick has worked on several personal projects which can be found on her site: She is also contributing to a couple games currently in development that she can’t talk too much about.

Zoe Patrick can be reached through her website or via Twitter 

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