ADNC Trailer 1

We’re excited to share with you our first trailer from A Dragon Named Coal. It covers scenes from the entire game and shows off a variety of story related content. If you enjoy it please share on Facebook or Twitter to help support us as we work up towards our Kickstarter’s launch.


We’re currently working on two physical products for Kickstarter. A cloth map and statue of Coal as rewards. We also have additional video content planned such as a brief game bio and hopefully a gameplay trailer. Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing a hard date for our crowd funding campaign this year.


Inventory, equipment crafting, potion crafting, and stats management are all finalized. For user interface we’re reworking the skill tree system and then we need to overhaul the AI and clean up combat. When that’s all done we’ll finally be in our Alpha phase. Which is mostly composed of tuning the games tools. Beta (the next phase) will then focus only on rolling all of our content.

Story outline for the whole game is complete with gray boxed maps. This is good as we’ve been able to focus more on character development and polishing story.

A new demo is still in the works. We’re planning to launch it as soon as we hit Alpha 1.0. We abandoned our plan to release a revised Pre-Alpha since we realized our game’s internal systems needed to be gutted and reworked to allow for rapidly updating content. This has been a good idea, as entering in a new craft-able item could take 30+ minutes and was difficult to change. It now takes us 3 minutes to create new craftables and alterations are instantly visible in the game.



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