Clever Crow Games is a small indie game studio run by a husband and wife team.


Ash Blue

Developer / Writer

Favorite Games: Mass Effect, Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG

Over the past decade Ash has lead web projects for companies like Hasbro and Nvidia. Recently he co-authored the game development sections for HTML5 in Action under Manning Publications. A few of his other feats include building an open source HTML5 game engine, a hackathon mention on Rock Paper Shotgun for Nasa’s Dark Side Jam, and president of Nerdery Chicago's Game Dev Club.

Rachel Blue


Favorite Games: Dragon Age, Portal 2, Terraria

Rachel was the little neighborhood kid who thought a swimming cap and blanket-cape made her a super hero. In high school she would secretly read novels under her desk, although she didn't have ninja skills to not get caught. Often stories would leave her thinking of better endings and wondering what the characters would look like. Much to her teachers chagrin, the margins of her homework were always covered in doodles. No scrap corner of paper was safe. Some of her feats include winning multiple hackathons and being the lead community manager for Nvidia's Twitch channel. She also runs the San Francisco Game Artists Meetup group.

Team Members

Luis Augusto

Sound Designer / Developer

Favorite GamesThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Fire Emblem Awakening

From banging plates with utensils to nearly igniting a microphone with his stove and even manipulating his dog's voice, Luis's enthusiasm for sound design is carefully sprinkled throughout each of his endeavors. He is also responsible for implementing sound effects, music and dialogue to create one cohesive soundscape for the game. Recently, Luis is working on a web audio plugin for integrating sound into HTML5 based games and applications, and aside from game development, Luis is also a freelance web designer and developer currently experimenting with animations and MVC frameworks.

Greg Nicolett


Favorite GamesMass Effect, Silent Hill, Wing Commander

Greg Nicolett is a composer based in Los Angeles. The coolest thing he's done is play trombone in a punk rock marching band called Mucca Pazza. The second coolest thing is compose music for "A Dragon Named Coal." Past projects include HBO's "Muted", Showtime's "Chicago Overcoat," and additional music/orchestration for games such as Disney Kinect Adentures, Forza 5, and Star Wars First Assault. Currently, Greg composes the music for the Disney series "Goldie and Bear."

Zoë Patrick

Pixel Artist

Favorite GamesPortal, Monkey Island, Shadow of the Colossus

Zoë is a freelance artist with an eclectic art background. Her studies have included comics, digital art, printmaking, and of course, pixel art. She is a UC Santa Cruz graduate with a bachelors in Fine Art and a minor in East-Asian studies, and has worked on several personal game projects which can be found on her site: thedoorkicker.com.

Kevin Urban

Narrator/ Voice of “Eldrad”

Favorite GamesBanjo Kazooie, Thomas Was Alone, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Kevin Urban is a voice over talent/impressionist from New England, having provided the narrations for indie titles such as Victus Vincimus: Veterans Revenge, Legends of the Brawl, and Pixel Princess Blitz. With a voice described as “Deep, Booming, and Rich”, Urban serves as the narrative voice of “Eldrad", telling the story of Coal and the dark mysteries of the kingdom of Kardia.

Michael Plondaya

Concept Artist

Favorite GamesPlanescape: Torment, Shining Souls 2, Dishonored

Michael Plondaya currently resides in San Francisco where he draws strange creatures and anatomies. He comes from a science background with a major in Biology and a minor in Graphic Design. He has drawn comics, created logos, written roleplaying modules, and has an odd assortment of projects and pursuits. Most them can be found on his blog at http://markerslinger.tumblr.com/.

Mel B


Favorite GamesBioshock, Fable, Okami

Mel B is a multifaceted illustrator whose work has appeared in children’s television animation, feature film and comic book illustration for studios both local and nation-wide. Projects include Nicktoon’s “NFL Rush Zone” (VFX Design, Character Design) Zaya Toonz’s “Iesodo” (Character Design) and Alpha Omega Animation’s “The ARMSmasters Project.” (Clean Up, Color and Character Design) Alongside “A Dragon Named Coal,” she is currently the digital penciler/inker for the “i, Mage” comic book series by creator Gary Turner for A Little Vast Studio.