ADNC Trailer 1

We’re excited to share with you our first trailer from A Dragon Named Coal. It covers scenes from the entire game and shows off a variety of story related content. If you enjoy it please share on Facebook or Twitter to help support us as we work up towards our Kickstarter’s launch.

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Improved CMS for ADNC

One of our biggest frustrations with building the pre-alpha 1.0 demo for A Dragon Named Coal was rapidly rolling out content. We were using a combination of Excel Spreadsheets and some pre-built tools from the Unity Asset Store. While this might not sound like a bad thing. Importing the Excel data was a nightmare that resulted in difficult to solve errors. The assets we used weren’t scaling very well either. For example it severely limited our questing system and didn’t allow for advanced concepts such as quest tracking. To create systems capable of handling our game’s complex logic, we decided to roll a few new custom tools.

Our old Excel Spreadsheet for entering in data.

Our old Excel Spreadsheet for entering in data.

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A Dragon Named Coal Demo Available

If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, the demo for A Dragon Named Coal is publicly available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Currently we hold a 4.6 out of 5 rating on GameJolt with over 34,000 plays. If you have a minute go play the demo and vote for us.

Play On GameJolt

A Dragon Named Coal GameJolt Releases


Meet the Team: Greg Nicolett

Greg Nicolett

Role: Composer

Favorite Games: Silent Hill, Wing Commander 3, Mass Effect, Castlevania SOTN, Gabriel Knight II

How did we meet you? 
Rachel and I met in the middle of a crosswalk at GDC, 2014. After introducing myself as an orchestral composer, she told me about ADNC and we exchanged info. It was perhaps a 5 minute conversation, but that’s the way things go at GDC!

What are you working on specifically with ADNC?
I’ll be writing the game’s original score – initially, for the public beta and eventually for the full game. Rachel and Ash have created a very large, rich world, and I’m excited to give that world a musical voice.

Your past works 
Much of my musical output is in the world of Film, TV, and the occasional viral video. My latest film, MUTED, is airing on HBO this February. I collaborated with Rob Cantor on the video “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf,” for which I composed the string and choir arrangements (I can also be seen as the pianist in the video).

In the world of games, I’ve worked as an orchestrator/arranger on several AAA titles including Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Forza Motorsport 5, and a “top secret” LucasArts game that unfortunately got cancelled when the studio was disbanded.

In addition to ADNC, I’m working on a beautiful stop motion game by Federica Orlati called “Ever Yours, Vincent.” In it, you play Vincent Van Gogh, who is trying to stifle the onset of madness by restoring his paintings. You can download an alpha preview at GameJolt. 

 A short history of what led you to doing what you do

Strangely, I loved film music since I was a kid. The first piece of music I learned on piano was the theme from Terminator 2. As for why I decided to become a composer, it’s hard to say. Maybe it’s because I consistently felt goose bumps watching certain movies and playing certain games. I realized it was the music that was generating those feelings, and decided I wanted to be a part of that experience.
My music background is pretty diverse. I did a lot of choral singing under a tremendously inspirational director, Robyn Gangi. I also play trombone. Though not the sexiest instrument, trombone led me to some cool gigs – I toured for several years with Chicago’s Mucca Pazza, a kind of punk rock marching band. When I moved to LA I joined Killsonic, a Charlie Mingus inspired experimental jazz group. These days though my main instrument is my composing rig, but I dabble in guitar and odd instruments such as the Ukelin and Marxophone. I even picked up Theremin for a theater production I did in the LA Fringe Festival.

More info and music can be found at my website, Thanks!