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Inventory Design

Where does all the cool loot go when you pick it up? Into the inventory of course! The magical bag of holding that has a near infinite capacity. But with so many different items to sort through how do we make sure Coal is organized and equipped to handle the ups and downs of adventuring? The answer is menus. Lots and lots of menus.


Less time rummaging in your backpack = more time adventuring and setting stuff on fire!

While we are still building in more menu’s there are several that we are going to show today. The basic inventory, Shop, and Map.



Once in the inventory you can sort through to particular items, (like quest related, or  ingredients) or look at them all pell mell in their hoarded glory. When you select an item the title and description pop up on the side. This is a chance for players to learn more about the uses, stats, and lore of the items they pick up. Or, in the case of the sample images here, read placeholder lorem ipsum text.

Shop Inventory


Consistency is important, so the shop inventory is very like the main inventory, with the exception of it having prices and numbers (and you can’t buy quest items). Otherwise item information is the same.



The map was a bit of a challenge for consistency. If icon size remained the same you would never be able to see very much of it at a time. This is why we opted for a much smaller icon size, and a simple legend to tell you the important things, like where you are, and where the loot is. (what else are maps for really).


More Menus

There are more menus to come that are still being tweaked and revised. These include a skill tree, quest system, and equipment. More updates to come for A Dragon Named Coal.


Pixel Art House Items

With all the tile sets, character sprites, and UI elements, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. Vanity Items. Everything you need to make a hovel a home, or deck out each room of a castle. After all, it’s the little things that make the game feel complete. So here is a sneak peek for some vanity assets custom made for our game A Dragon Named Coal.

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Creating Repeatable Pixel Textures


While creating the dialogue boxes for our game A Dragon Named Cole, they looked flat and boring. What better than a pixel texture to spruce things up? It can be a little harder than it sounds to design and make a pixel texture from scratch however. So instead I hacked an easy solution we want to share with you. Just a few quick steps to pixelify any texture.

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