Our Current Project

A Dragon Named Coal

Genre: RPG / Action
Systems: Window / Mac / Linux

We’re proud to announce our first game A Dragon Named Coal. A dark fairytale composed of choice and consequence. It pays homage to RPG mechanics from Castlevania and the branching storyline of Dragon Age: Origins.

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  • Your decisions drastically change how villains and heroes develop
  • Customize your legendary sword and armor to your play style
  • Explore a dark fantasy open world that reaps what you sow
  • Flexible companion system with characters that change based on playstyle
  • Cleverly composed levels that reward exploration and experimentation


Civil war hollows out a legendary kingdom to a husk of its former glory. In a last effort to save his people a king embarks on one last quest. But a young outcasted dragon named Coal may be able to accomplish what the king’s great armies and sorcerers cannot. For his decisions will echo throughout generations to doom or save everyone.


As Coal you’re put in the shoes of a young dragon who’s been outcasted for his odd obsession with humans. During your adventures you’ll make decisions that dramatically influence characters in the game. Some of these changes are immediate and others can be seen when re-encountering characters (as the game has a time lapse). While adventuring you’ll acquire a legendary sword known as the Soullass. The Soulless, Coal’s scarf, and other equipment can be customized from materials acquired throughout the environment. Write your dark fairytale, change the world, and explore a world that responds to your decisions.

The Team

Ash Blue

Developer / Writer

Favorite Games: Mass Effect, Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG

Ash's earliest gaming memories revolve around MS-DOS. Where Doom was opened through an old school terminal. Growing up he was constantly doodling new worlds and writing stories about them. In school teachers would yell or publicly shame him for daydreaming and sketching in class.

His development career started after dropping out of college. Shortly after he turned his programming hobby into a job, but nobody would hire him due to a lack of work experience. Years later he climbed the tech industry to work on major companies such as Hasbro and Hitachi. Recently he co-authored HTML5 in Action under Manning Publications where he wrote on game development. Some of his feats in game development involve him building a complete HTML5 game engine, hackathon mention in Rock Paper Shotgun, and running The Nerdery's Chicago Game Development Club.

Rachel Blue


Favorite Games: Dragon Age, Portal 2, Terraria

Rachel was the little neighborhood kid who thought a swimming cap and blanket-cape made her a super hero. In high school she would secretly read novels under her desk, although she didn't have ninja skills to not get caught. Often stories would leave her thinking of better endings and wondering what the characters would look like. Much to her teachers chagrin, the margins of her homework were always covered in doodles. No scrap corner of paper was safe.

Her art career started with dropping out of college, buying a stack of art books, and a copy of Photoshop. Some of her feats include winning multiple hackathons and a game mention in Rock Paper Shotgun. She runs the San Francisco Game Artists Meetup group.



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What We Believe In

Player’s First

Video games are made for people so fans, friends, and family should have a large say in them. We actively take feedback from our users during the entire development process and share what we're working on whenever we can.


We believe games are a dynamic medium to tell stories through a combination of gameplay and choice. Because of this our game focus is on story first, then using gameplay mechanics in a way that drive narrative.

Indy Community

We believe that our work on video games shouldn't only benefit us. A large chunk of our time goes into promoting independent game development and mentoring others. We are mostly active in the San Francisco area through the San Francisco Game Artists Meetup that we run.